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Case Crystal
Colored cut
Colored cut lead
Crystal with colored trimmings
Fond enameled

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crystal chandeliers..  >>  crystal chandeliers
crystal chandeliers crystal chandeliers
crystal chandeliers crystal chandeliers
crystal chandeliers colored crystal chandeliers
case crystal chandeliers
crystal chandeliers
colored crystal chandeliers
case crystal chandeliers

enamel chandeliers modern crystal chandeliers
porcelain chandeliers
enamel chandeliers
modern crystal chandeliers
porcelain chandeliers
informations about products

NEW - MAXIMUS special edition

The MAXIMUS special edition of crystal, enameled, fond and fond enameled chandeliers
- 3 years guarantee.
Please see new chandeliers with mark MAXIMUS.

Prices for goods

All the prices stated on are in EUR€ and CZK (Czech crowns) and include packing charges. The prices of products on the pages are stated with V.A.T.

Customers from the countries of the European Union (E.U.) will pay the prices including the above stated tax (except companies with V.A.T.).

Other customers, who are not from the countries of the E.U. will pay the prices without that tax. They can save up more than 15% of the final price of goods.

Packaging of chandeliers

All the chandeliers are delivered disassambled into parts (the body, arms, bowls, trimmings and chain with cover of hook) which are carefully wrapped and labeled.

Exchange of damage or destruction parts

If you find out a damage or destruction of a part within 2 days from the delivery at latest, he´ll be sent a new part/parts free of charge.
We kindly ask you to announce such a situation via e-mail or phone to our company, and describe a damaged part in detail (you can scan an illustration of a chandelier and highlight a damaged part, or take a snap of such a part and send via e-mail:

Assambling instructions and wiring

A chandeliers is easy to be re-assambled according to enclosed instruction and scheme. You will need only pliers, a screw driver and a bit of skill. Approximate time to re-assamble a 6 arm chandelier takes about 1 hour, including wiring.

In principle, you will first put together the body and chain, you will hang the chandelier on the hook and you will fix the arms in possition. The arms have to be fitted into the terminal board in the body of the light. It´s highly advisable to have this step along with wiring made by a specialized person or company. Only after the bowls trimmings can be fixed.

If you decide for chandelier with more than 6 arms it chan be wired the way tahat the chandelier is divided into 2 lights circuits. That means you only have half of the light bulbs switched on, not all of them. This wiring is only possible if there are 3 conductors leadinng from the chandelier to the switch.


We recommend to use the bulbs with maximum power demand of 40W for socket E14 or 60W for sockets E27. For US market - sockets E12 with maximum power demand 40W.

There are many types of bulbs to illustrate:
socket E14
bulb shape - candle (classic or twisted) or round
colour of bulb - clear, frosted, frosted with krypton filling
The situation is similar concerning socket E27.
For more information about the bulbs, see the pages of the company OSRAM.

It´s not advisable to use the compact fluorescent lamps because of aestethical reasons.


Maintenance of chandeliers is very easy. It´s enough to take down the trimmings and bowls once a year and wash them as well as the body of the chandelier using moist cloth and detergent solution.

Another possibility is to buy detergent HAGERTY destined for cleaning crystal chandeliers.
You spray the detergent on all parts of the chandelier, you leave it drain away. Dirt melts immediately without leaving stains. You don´t take down any parts of the chandelier; you only spread out some polythene on the floor.
Cleaning, which used to take several hours, least only a few minutes now.
If you are interested in buying this excelent detergent, contact us, please.

Spare parts

It´s a part of your light damaged and you can´t get a new one? Send us its photo along with a photo of the chandelier. We will try to provide it.

Other colour variety

There aren´t all possible colour designs of metal and glass parts of the chandeliers stated in our catalogue. If interested in other colour version then that offered, please contact us to let us know your requirements. We will find out the possilities and suggest a solution.

Is there high ceiling in your flat?

When choosing a chandelier, an important point is the lenght of the chain. Regular - lenght chains are about 20cm ~ 7 3/4" long (3lugs), which is satisfactiory owing to average ceiling height about 2.6m ~ 8 1/2 feet. It´s up to you how long chain you will order, this service is free of charge.

All chandeliers are guaranteed for 24 month; and all are delivered with the certification ESC, CE and/or IECEE-CB which guarantee that all sold lights fit the standards valid in and out of European Union.

Prices for goods

Packaging of chandeliers

Exchange of damage or destruction parts

Assambling instructions and wiring


Maintenance of chandeliers

Spare parts

Other colour variety

Chain lenght

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