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Blue onion - zwiebelmuster..  >>  Blue onion
blue onion blue onion
blue onion blue onion
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Blue onion porcelain - zwiebelmuster
The pattern used on this porcelain has been labeled from the beginning as an onion pattern, it originates from the combination of stylized plant motifs on an East Asian style bacground, however it is adapted to the european style and concept. The common name onion pattern has it´s origins in thefaulty interpretation of one motif of the pattern, the depiction of a pomegranate, which by it´s shape distantly reminds one of an onion. In spite of this the concept of " cibulak " is a symbol of delicate beauty, a symbol of the combination of usefulness and being pleasing to the eye, a symbol of uniqueness and worldliness. Porcelain with the onion pattern is manufactured in Czech Republic by the stock company Czech porcelain. It´s a blue onion porcelain - zwiebelmuster.

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Maximus - Blue onion porcelain
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