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Catalogue arranged according to manufacturers.
Display in the form of cards.

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 How does one make a purchase?
B r o w s e   t h e   c a t a l o g u e
  • You can browse through the catalogue according to categories or manufacturers.
  • Clicking on the link with the name of a category will display all goods pertaining to this category (including all of its sub-categories). You can narrow your selection by clicking on the link for a sub-category - only the goods in this sub-category will be displayed.
  • If the symbol is given beside a category, then this category can be opened.
  • The symbol denotes a category that is open.
  • The category that is currently open is written in bold print and is also displayed at the top of the catalogue page.
  • You can peruse the individual pages of the catalogue using the << Previous and Next >> links. If required, you can get to a particular page using the numbered reference links below.
  • While browsing through the catalogue arranged according to manufacturers, only the categories that are relevant to each individual manufacturer are displayed (i.e. only categories in which some goods are actually available are displayed).
S e a r c h
A full-text search allows you to quickly and effectively search the catalogue.
  • Write the term you are looking for into the search field and click on SEARCH.
  • If the term is located, the list of categories changes so that it only contains those categories where the term was found.
  • Details are given in parentheses beside each category regarding how many of the located goods it contains.
  • To browse through these categories, the same rules for browsing through the catalogue apply.
  • To get back to the normal catalogue, click on the Catalogue button in the horizontal menu.
P u t t i n g   g o o d s   i n   t h e   s h o p p i n g   b a s k e t
Add the goods required to your shopping basket as follows:
1) Enter the quantity required
2) Click on the shopping basket icon
in the relevant line or card of the catalogue.
You will be informed of the price of the goods in your basket (including VAT) in the top right-hand corner of the page.
Click on the Shopping basket button in the horizontal menu if you wish to complete the order or check the goods.
O r d e r i n g   g o o d s
STEP 1 - Check and change the goods in the shopping basket
  • You can change the required quantity of the given product. The price will then be recalculated automatically.
  • You can remove any item in the order from the shopping basket using the Remove button at the end of the relevant line.
  • You can remove the entire contents of the shopping basket using the Empty shopping basket button.
  • If you do not have an access name or password, do not fill anything out; simply press the Continue button.
  • Naturally, you can return to the catalogue and continue to select goods.
STEP 2 - Fill in or check the contact details
  • The first choice determines whether you are purchasing as a private individual or on behalf of a company (in which case the form is then extended to include other necessary fields such as Orgainisation ID no., Tax ID no., etc.)
  • Compulsory data is marked in red, bold print
  • All your personal information will be treated as confidential. It will not be provided to any other party.
  • It is not necessary to fill out a registration name and password - registration is not compulsory. This makes it easier for you to make further purchases in our store. You will not have to fill out your contact details every time you order. These details will be automatically filled out after registration.
  • If you wish to register, click on the Register button after filling out your registration name and password
  • If you do not wish to register press Continue (without registration)
STEP 3 - Select a method of payment and means of delivery
  • At this stage, you should select a method of payment and means of delivery.
  • Freightage will be determined according to your selection.
  • In the case of a non-standard order, you will be contacted by telephone or via e-mail.
STEP 4 - Entire order displayed
  • The entire order is displayed before being sent so that you can check it.
  • You may now print or save the order.
  • The order will be sent once you click the Continue >> button.
STEP 5 - Finalising the purchase - payment
In case you don't want to make the payment immediately, you can complete the purchase without continuing to the payment gate.

To make a later payment you can use the button "order on-line payment" in the upper part of the window. For further information see step Orders on-line payment.
P a y m e n t   f o r   g o o d s

STEP 5a - Confirmation of order
Check or possiblly change the number of your order
To confirm click on the button "Select the order".
STEP 5b - Confirmation of choice and entrance to the payment gate
Check the number of your order and the overall price to pay.
To confirm click on the button "Process".
To illustrate the position of the card number, date of expiration and CVV or CVC code, see the pictures in bottom part of the window; above mentioned features are highlighted.
STEP 5c - Payment gate
Fill in the following information about your payment card:
  • number of payment card
  • expiry date
  • CVV or CVC code
See the illustrations in the previous step to find the above mentioned fearures in your card.
Transaction will be finished by pressing the button "Pay".
The result of authrisation will display in the window of the payment gate within a few seconds.
O r d e r s   o n - l i n e   p a y m e n t

1. Checking the progress of orders
You can check the progress of orders if you used registration (see Ordering goods STEP 2). After entering your name and password you can check the progress of your order or orders, possibly you can see the order in detail.
2. MAXIMUS On-line payment gate
After clicking the secured On-Line payment gate you will be asked to enter your order number (if you had forgotten it, look into received mail in your postal client, the order was sent to you automatically on the day of effectuation). Then you will be redirected to the on-line payment gate. How to continue see Payment for goods STEP 5.  

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