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Penoform - modern material for the manufacture of mould in the glass industry

  • Manual working or lathe turning of Penoform produces less waste compared to wood and such operations are easier and less time consuming.
  • the main advantage of the Penoform mould lies in its durability as compared to wooden moulds. Penoform moulds can withstand even 50 or more working cycles than wooden moulds.
  • an equally important advatage lies in the dimension stability of the blow products in accordance with the requirements imposed by the growing mechanization and automation of the manufacturing process
  • Penoform moulds also have an idisputable advantage over moulsd made of steel, iron, aluminium, bronze in that while they offer a long service life, they do not require time for maintenance. Moreover, Penoform is available at much lover price than other competitive materials
  • moulds made of Penoform keep their shape even whwn stored for a long period and do not burn out even after a long use
  • Penoform moulds can also have applications on automatic machines provided that the moulds are adequately cooled, it is also possible to combine them easely whith metals

    Specification of cylindrical blocks of the current production:

  • diameter/mm lenght/m weight/kg diameter/mm lenght/m weight/kg
    110 350 4,00 300 350 29,70
    125 350 5,20 350 350 40,50
    150 350 7,40 400 350 52,90
    175 350 10,10 450 350 66,90
    200 350 13,20 500 350 82,60
    250 350 20,70 600 350 119,00

    Technical data

    Density       1,21 b/cm3
    Porosity total       49 %
    Porosity open       38 %
    Strenght in pressure (dry)       9,72 MPa
    Strenght in pressure (moist)
          6,70 MPa
    Soakability       49,57 %
    Warmconductivity       0,8 W/Km

    Penoform is also manufactured in the form of boards which can be used as deadplates for the hot pressed glassware, as a washer of moulds etc.

    Moulds made from Penoform help to produce clear, smooth, high-quality glassware of uniform dimensions. The use of Penoform moulds calls for no special technique whatever; however, glass-blowing will be improved if the mould is lubricated and powdered. The mouldīs internal surface should be lubricated with liquid Latique (Latique in powder to water 1:3) applied with a brush to form a thin layer and then dusted with fine-grained wooden sawdust. This operation should be followed by blowing two or three products in succession without cooling the mould in water so as to allow a firm crust to be formed inside the mould. Thereafter the mould should be immersed in water to be ready for further use.

    Penoform is delivered in cylindrical block. When ordering kindly specify the quantity and the diameter of the cylinder blocks. Penoform is packed in boxes and the price is quoted per 1 Kilogramme. When ordering the ready made moulds including aluminium, kindly send the respective drawing by fax or a letter or send a cut (shape) of the product to be formed.
    The prices of the ready made moulds including the AL-holder are in comparison to other materials very competitive. The ordered moulds are supplied in express time of delivery.

    Benefits offered by Penoform moulds:

  • long service life with stable turning performace
  • excelent dimension stability of glass products
  • economical manufacture of moulds owing to easy workability of Penoform
  • no maintenance and servicing costs
  • low purchase price

    These properties offer substantial savings on production costs, manpower and material and also signify a contribution to protection of the enviroment.

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